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A collective devoted to the craft of software engineering where expertise is transmuted into joy.

In ancient times, alchemy was a blend of philosophy and pseudoscience before rigorous measurement and testing, based on qualitative facts and figures, was applied. One aspect of this era, was the Philosopher's Stone which could transmute ordinary metals into precious metals like silver or gold. It was also thought be the elixir of life which could cure illness, restore youth, and grant immortality. None of that came true but, in today's age, we have the rough equivalent of what the ancients were seeking: software engineering. With software, we have an endless supply of human thought and creativity that is constantly being transmuted into solving real world problems through new products and services.

In a nutshell, that is what this collective is all about. We are taking the craft of software engineering, building expertise, and transmuting that into joy and a life worth living. That said, creating quality software which meets user needs requires time, attention to detail, and rigorous discipline. Software should be ethical and do no harm by protecting user data and privacy, enhancing lives through the automation of the mundane and the dangerous, and bringing joy to users. That journey starts here.

Please join us to learn, share, grow, and elevate our profession as a whole. Alternatively, if you are looking to add more engineering firepower to your own team, then please consider our services. Together, we can redefine software engineering and it's role in the world!

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    New to the industry -- or a fellow veteran -- and looking to sharpen your skills in order to become a better engineer?

    Look no further, we have a treasure trove of information to aid you. For starters, we recommend reading our articles and viewing our screencasts/talks. Afterwards, you can check out our projects for a deeper dive. Don't forget to subscribe! ⚡️

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    Need consulting services for leveling up your engineering team or extra firepower to build amazing products together?

    Let's talk as we'd love to get to know you better, understand your goals, and help you build a solution you -- and your customers -- are proud of. Check out our services to learn more! 🎉

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    Looking for software solutions you can hit the ground running and use immediately?

    We've got you covered. Check out our projects. Most are open source and free to use but we are working on some exciting software solutions you can purchase and immediately use. Stay tuned! 🚀