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A collective devoted to the craft of software engineering where joy is transmuted into mastery.

At the bare minimum, creating quality software that meets user needs requires time, attention to detail, and rigorous discipline -- none of which are currently in large supply in the world of software engineering. Even further, though, software should be ethical and do no harm, instead protecting user data and privacy, enhancing lives through the automation of the mundane and the dangerous, and bringing joy to users. That journey starts here.

Alchemists is a collective of software engineers fighting for that common Mission. Software is a craft and a calling, one of which should be as respected as other sciences. We believe in our unified Mission and our common set of Values, set out in our Oath.

In addition to being a science, we believe software engineering is incredibly creative and constructive, almost magical in its ability to transform lives and our planet. We are engineers who believe in both the craft and the magic of code. We believe in the transmutational power of quality software.

Welcome to our collective! Please join us to learn, share, grow and improve personally as well as elevate our profession as a whole. Together, we can redefine software engineering and it's role in the world.