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Published February 5, 2017 Updated January 1, 2022
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These are global configurations for ensuring high quality and consistent software development practices. Feel free to link to this project in order to apply these configurations to your projects. You may also fork this project to customize further for your specific needs.

This project only supports tools which can import configurations via a URL.


  • Provides global configurations for tools that support URL imports.

  • Provides global configurations for the following tools:



No setup is required other than what is mentioned in the Requirements section.


This project is designed to be linked to your own projects. This can be done via one of the following options:

Current Version (stable)<choose file>

Master Version (unstable)<choose file>

Here is a more concrete example using Rubocop. In your local .rubocop.yml, replace the contents with the following:


Now you are configured to import from a global configuration. For further details, see Rubocop Documentation.


To contribute, run:

git clone
cd code_quality

Apply changes to any of the configurations files.