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Published October 29, 2019 Updated May 11, 2020


Demonstrates using the Benchmarks project for micro-benchmarking Ruby performance.


# Hello and welcome to the Alchemists Screencasts!
# Today, we'll look at micro benchmarking in Ruby:

# We'll start by cloning the repository:

git clone
cd benchmarks

# You can pick any file in the *scripts* folder to run a benchmark:

ruby scripts/ruby/structs/construction.rb

# Here we see a Hash is the fastest to construct.
# Let's try another:

ruby scripts/ruby/strings/concatenation.rb

# In this benchmark, we see interpolation is faster than using arrays.

# Those are only a few examples of benchmarks found in this project.
# For more details, check out the source code.

# Enjoy!
# ☿ 🜔 🜍 🜂 🜃 🜁 🜄