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Our software stack is a mix of technologies and services that are carefully curated and maintained.


The following details what is being used to power this site and our projects/services:

  • Bash - A common UNIX language for low-level scripting.
  • Git - A distributed version control system for source code.
  • Docker - Used for continuous integration and production servers.
  • Terraform - Manages our infrastructure which consists of Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, and DNSimple.
  • Ruby - Automates the static generation and deployment of this site to Amazon Web Services for hosting purposes. Several our projects aid in this endeavor.
  • SASS - Compiles SCSS into CSS for our site stylesheet.
  • ASCII Doctor - Compiles the core content of this site into HTML. For everything else, ERB is used.
  • asciinema - Hosts our embedded Screencasts.
  • Speaker Deck - Hosts slide decks for our Talks.
  • Zondicons - Powers some of the SVG icons used on this site.


The following is what we are gearing up to use more of in the future:

  • Elm - A powerful, statically typed, and immutable language for powering our web user interface.
  • Rust - A static system language with great garbage collection, memory management, and performance.