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Brooke Kuhlmann






Quality over quantity.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


I've been a software engineer for 23 years where I started out in technical support for the VisualAge Smalltalk Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This role eventually transitioned into becoming a release engineer where I collaborated on architecting a build system (Java, Ant) for the Eclipse IDE. Those were formative years in terms of being mentored and learning to become an engineer and architect responsible for complex systems.

After spending several years working in the Java stack, I fell in love with Ruby. My world took an amazing turn for the better as I became quickly enamored by the language, community, and open sourcing of many RubyGems. I ended up working in various startups and attempting to launch my first company/consultancy. Due to the nature of the work I was doing during these years, I ended up touching many aspects of the software stack and becoming more of a full stack engineer. This included gaining mastery of Git, especially the Git Rebase workflow, for which I speak about often. On the infrastructure and remote server side of the fence, I ended up taking a strange liking to Bash shell scripting which is as obtuse as Git in many respects.

As my skills grew and I traversed more of the stack, I ended up doing more front end work which lead me to Elm. This changed my world again and is my second favorite language to work in. The influence of Elm and how it has made me a better Ruby engineer in terms of being able to gracefully meld Object Oriented and Functional programming principals can't be understated.

Next, on my languages to learn next, is Rust.